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 The Goldshield antimicrobial solutions are comprised of an integrated system of compounds designed to bond to many surfaces forming an invisible antimicrobial coating protecting those substrates for months at a time depending on the product. The Company believes its technology is significantly superior to existing antimicrobial agents, and has many advantages and advances over conventional antimicrobials, or biocides which, themselves, offer no residual activity, long term solution or ability for performance enhancement and are prone to bacterial adaptation and declining efficacy due to microbial mutations.


* Residual Performance and Economic benefits

  • Goldshield has a series of solution-based products all integrated with a residual performing feature, ranging from our core all-purpose cleaner and air freshener to our hand sanitizer, from our laundry additive to our surface antimicrobial agents. ( see product listing)
  • The technologies are patent protected, acknowledging the unrivaled unique qualities and features of them.
  • Water stable and environmentally efficient, they are safe to ship, store,
  • In the case of our hand sanitizer and protectant  it does not pose risks of flammability like alcohol sanitizers......and is safe for kids.
  • As our antimicrobial agents are non-leaching chemistries, they will be permanently affixed to substrates through a covalent bond, which makes them highly durable while remaining highly effective for months at a time and for many hours a day on our skin sanitizer.
  • Our surface anticrobial agent is effective for three months or when staining, odors or discoloration reappear. These are generally caused by harmful bacteira, molds and milew.

Take advantage of our high-performance antimicrobial technology. Order today or call us for product information.

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Goldshield Industries International in Oyster Bay, New York and El Paso, Texas offers the world's only patented, water-stable antimicrobial products with functional organosilane chemistries. Economical and fast-acting, Goldshield products offer superior protection from germs, bacteria,  molds and fungi and viruses depending on the product. Suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use, all our products are made in the USA.

After more than five years of rigorous laboratory testing and research , we succeeded in developing our patented Goldshield technologies. Following ISO and CGMP in "clean" room pharmaceutical grade facilities with environmental and ethical manufacturing standards, we make sure that there is no trace of undesireable solvents, acids, or formaldehyde in our products.

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Mission Statement

A safer world enabled by proactive, residual performing protection technologies ranging from microbial contamination to drug-resistant biologicals.


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