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OUR VISION: A safer world enabled by proactive residual performing technologies that protect against microbial contamination to drug resistant boi-logicals

OUR BUSINESS PLATFORM: HEALTHCARE; Human; Animal, Plant,CORPORATE OVERVIEW:  GOLDSHIELD INDUSTIES INTERNATIONAL LLC is a USA company, which has in the USA an entity AP Goldshield that manufacturers a line of specialty, proprietary antiseptic and antimicrobial technologies that provide a unique residual performing protection on skin; surfaces, textiles and certain equipment.

INTERNATIONALLY: we have an entity in Europe, Goldshield Technology Ltd; and in Asia, Goldshield APEC. We are seeking partnership opportunities in other territories, for inquiries contact:


About Goldshield Industries International

Goldshield Industries International in Oyster Bay, New York, and El Paso, Texas offers antimicrobial products that feature patented technologies. In the U.S., we have obtained regulatory approvals from the EPA and FDA. All the required regulatory approvals and listings for environmental, human, and animal applications in Europe have also been obtained. We are currently having regulatory approvals processed in China. All Goldshield products are prepared in the U.S. in a clean room environment, in conformity with ISO™-approved protocols and CGMP practices.


The products we offer have gone through more than 35+ independent American and International evidence-based studies. We also have recently [2015] been peer reviewed and published in the prestigious American Journal of Infection Control on a nine month clinical trial conducted at the Oakwood Hospital System in Michigan. This is the second peer review published in the American Journal of Infection Control™ vaidating the residual perfomance of our core antimicrobial technology.

USA Surgeon General-Approved

In 2010 and 2011, the US and British Special Forces field-tested our Goldshield hand sanitizers and wet wipes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The tests were conclusive and proved that Goldshield 24 and 47 mitigated athlete's foot, jock rash, and other skin ailments. Owing to these findings, Goldshield obtained the approval from the US Surgeon General in 2012.

Joint Venture

Goldshield Industries International is in a joint venture with Veteranshield LLC. The latter is a company that hires wounded warriors and veterans to become certified applicators of Goldshield products.

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