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Biostatic and Biocidal Products with Instant Antiseptic- Antimicrobial Foam Protection

At Goldshield Industries International in Oyster Bay, New York, and El Paso, Texas we offer biostatice and biocidal products that provide instantaneous germ-killing action and other products that inhibit mold(s), fungi and bacteria which cause nasty odors, staining and deterioration of certain substrates, while providing residual performing action. Our skin foam products feature the world's only patented, water-stable antimicrobial product that provides a residual performing antiseptic  and antimicrobial features that protects skin for hours after application in the absence of hand washing.

Instantaneous Antimicrobial Action

The quicker you stop germs, bacteria, and viruses from reproducing, the better you prevent them from spreading. By doing so, you get protection from their potentially harmful effects. With this in mind, we have developed the most effective antiseptic skin solution that the world's top chemists have been pursuing for more than 30 years-instantaneous antimicrobial action with residual performing features.

Invisible Protective Shield

The breakthrough technology that we use provides home, businesses, and industrial users with antimicrobial products that have been fully stabilized in water and therefore, do not self-condense. Designed with safety in mind, our products contain no solventsl, acids, nor formaldehyde. Goldshield surface products are water-based, odorless, and non-flammable. Easy to use, a single application provides a variety of surfaces with an invisible protective shield that inhibits a broad range of bacterial growth which cause nasty odors, staining, discoloration and deterioration of substrates. These products provide a non-leaching, non migrating  coating that forms a long-lasting covalent bond.

Antibacterial Foam Hand Sanitizer

Goldshield 5 Concentrate & Laundry Additive

The Goldshield Core Technology

Our products inhibit a broad range of bacteria and fungi that cause odors, staining and discoloration . Goldshield's unique water-stable organosilane molecular structure and patented compounds are made up of three parts. These comprise the silane base, nitrogen molecule, and the long carbon chain.

The Silane Base

The silane compound anchors and triggers the covalent bonding functionality that allows Goldshield 5 and 75 to cling to surfaces and textiles and retain their durability for up to 90 days. With durability retained, the silane compounds in Goldshield 5 and 75 do not leach or become mobile, and instead become part of the surface to which they are applied.

The Nitrogen Molecule

Microbes are negatively charged. The positively-charged nitrogen molecules in Goldshield attract negatively-charged microbes to the surface or textile. The resulting contact between these two elements enables the antimicrobial action to take place.

The Long Carbon Chain

The third component of the Goldshield technology is the long carbon chain that releases the ionic charge that punctures the microbe's cell membrane upon contact. This function distroys  microbes mechanically. As this takes place, the quaternary compoundst of Goldshield denature the microbe's proteins to distroy them chemically.

Dual Action

The dual functionality offers a unique and important factor to Goldshield's antimicrobial efficiency. No other water-stable antimicrobial agents available today provide instant action while retaining a residual performance.

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