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Caring for Elderly

Some of the common concerns in Long-term-care or Eldery-care facilities are the susceptibility of the population to many microbes due to their weakened immune systems. Odor control in these environments is also a critical and persistent problem.

We Recommend:

Goldshield  75 for surface protection against many of the bacteria which cause odor, staining and discoloration.

  • Goldshield 5 for textile and linens, as this product creates a bio-barreria on textile inhibing the nasty bacteria and molds associated with odor and staining
  • Goldshield 85 which is our all-purpose cleaner, degreaser and air freshener, that will not only perform these functions, but will provide a long term control of odors and leave the environment with a pleasant aroma.
  • Goldshield 24. This product is  a must, it is a non-alcoholic product, soft on the elderly's skin, and provides protection for hours at a time, we recommend wash, dry, and apply, which is particularly important for the elderly who are often not as careful as they should be. And since 70% of infectios are attributed to hand contact it is vitally important to offer them this option of protection.