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About Goldshield Industries International

Goldshield (GS) technology is ideally-suited as an “invisible” barrier or protective shield in a variety of military, first responder and civilian applications. GS5 an antimicrobial agent, has been used on military fabrics and Goldshield GS24 and GS47 have been used on skin as antiseptics and antimicrobials with the USA’ Special Forces to prevent fungal infections and other disease causing germs with excellent success:

  • Minor Wound dressings (GS24)
  • Skin application for rashes and minor wounds (GS24 and GS47)
  • Uniforms, including undergarments (to prevent bacteria, yeast, fungi, etc.) (GS5)
  • Antimicrobial surgical/face masks (GS5)
  • Air filters (GS5 and G75)
  • Sheets, blankets (GS5)
  • Tents and sleeping bags (GS5 and G75)
  • Paints, coatings and other surface treatments (GS5)
  • Surfaces in healthcare care facilities (GS75)
  • Coatings and anti-fouling compounds for marine applications (GS5)
  • Outdoor clothing (GS5)


The Military

In 2010 and 2011 the U.S. and British Special Forces field-tested Goldshield's FDA registered hand sanitizer and wet wipes in Iraq and Afghanistan to Athlete's Foot before and after to determine if Goldshield could mitigate the many bacterial and fungal infections plagued by these warriors. The feedback was conclusive; GS mitigated athlete's foot, jock rash and other skin ailments. As a result, Goldshield was approved in 2012 by then U. S. Surgeon General.

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Federal Prison Systems

The MRSA, HIV and nasty molds are significant problems within prison systems. The first MRSA cases settled in USA were for two inmates in PA who were awarded $1.2 million for contracting MRSA while in prison. Hand contact is considered a key vector of transmitting these disease-causing organisms and GS24 is a highly effective hand sanitizer and protectant against these microbes and it last longer than any alcohol product on the market as it persistently helps sanitize through a unique residual action.

GS75 creates an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of mold, it also inhibits deterioration caused by bacteria. GS75 can be applied every three months or when mold stains return.

GS5 is an excellent antimicrobial agent effective against fungi (molds and mildew) when applied to many textiles such as sheets, bedspreads, pillow cases and men’s underwear and women’s intimate apparel, all known vectors of these organisms within these facilities.

Many Police and Fire Departments around the United States are using Goldshield products. In addition, studies are presently underway at many other Police and Fire Departments.