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From washing clothes and linens at home to commercial establishments that launder tons of linens … laundry, simple as it may seem, is NOT a simple process when it comes to maintaining a sanitized end product that persists overtime.

Textiles are prone to contamination from nasty bacteria and fungi that often cause odor, staining and discoloration on fabrics, including molds and mildew. This has become a significant problem. Goldshield's (GS5 and GS75) antimicrobial agents can be applied to textiles such as linens, bed sheets, curtains, certain clothing, shower and privacy curtains, and many other fabrics. GS's antimicrobial agent becomes affixed to the textile through a covalent bonding action and will remain active for three months or when odors, staining or discoloration reappear.

Goldshield has been used on Military fabrics; hospital linens and privacy curtains, socks, underwear [both mens and womens], active apparley products, from marine cushions to bathroom curtains and liners. To inhibit these bacteria and molds that cause these problems we recommend you add GS 75 or GS 5 diluted to 1% to carpeting, as you don't want these microbes to be inhaled or picked up by kids on their hands.


Thus Goldshield provides an invisible barrier to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria, bacteria which causes staining and discoloration as well as mold and mildew.

We advise that you reapply Goldshield every 90 days or after 50 subsequent washings.*

In a hospital environment for example, it is a widely accepted practice to take unused laundered textiles and re-launder them following a patient’s discharge from the room. The action is taken because the hospital is aware that textiles are likely to have become contaminated with these bacteria and fungi even while being stored. This is a significant and unnecessary expense incurred by hospitals.

So, what is the industry doing to get ahead of this complex and costly situation. The concern is great. The solutions are few because old chemicals and existing cleaning protocols simply do NOT combat the problem effectively.

The unique, residual impact Goldshield provides offers several key advantages:

  • GS, due to its persistent protection, reduces the need for long wash and dry cycles thus reduces energy costs and makes it unnecessary to re-launder stored textiles.
  • GS makes textiles an inhibitor against the bacteria and fungi discussed herein or those who come in contact with them.
  • GS provides a barrier to the odor and discoloration associated with bacteria.
  • GS inhibits deterioration of the textile caused by bacteria.
  • GS resists stains due to algae and mold.
  • GS doesn’t leach or become mobile.

Q. What will happen when I wash my clothes at home; what detergent should I use when using Goldshield?

A. We recommend to wash clothes and linens after they have been treated with Goldshield with a “non-ionic” detergent because an “anionic” detergent or bleach will begin to limit Goldshield's effectiveness after a few washings. Simply read the label of active ingredients on your home detergent.