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We are a mobile society using all kinds of travel devices from vehicles, trains, to planes. In many of these public transport products we are constantly exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. Many are transmitted by hand contact, whether its food treys in a plane or straph hangers in a  subway car, our hands are constantly at risk. Goldshield 24 provides the ultimate in hand sanitizing and protecting. This product will actually kill 99.99% of disease causing germs and bacteria. Safe for kids, and is non-flammable. To clean surfaces Goldshield 85 is an all-purpose cleaning agent that will remove dirt, grime, grease, and remove other oganisms. It will also provide an air freshening aroma. For economc benefits we recommend our microfiber wipes, that are more environmentally sound as they can be washed without losing their unique static cleaning features. To get the best results inlcuding cleaning glass or ceramics the microfibers used with Goldshield 85 are up to the challenge.

For homeowners and particularly socker Moms who have to deal with teh nasty odors on uniforms and equipment,or in the SUV or car trunk, use Goldshield 75 antimicrobial agent to inhibit the bacteria that causes odors, staining and discolorations.